"A Mano Limpia" is an inspiring documentary that brings you behind the scenes for an up close and personal look at the legendary life story of Venezuelan baseball star Omar Vizquel. In a series of new and never before seen candid interviews with the man himself that go far beyond baseball, Vizquel welcomes you into his world and his life as he tells his phenomenal story and shares his philosophies and experiences with entertaining wisdom, humor and honesty.

As current player for the Chicago White Soxs, and previously for the Texas Rangers (2009), San Francisco Giants (2005-2008), Cleveland Indians (1994-2004) & Seattle Mariners (1989-1993), Vizquel is most famous for being widely considered the best defensive shortstop of all time in the history of major league baseball, as well as an absolute legend for his amazing specialty, the barehanded catch. Winning nine consecutive Gold Gloves (1993-2001) and two more in 2005 and 2006, Vizquel's talents, accomplishments and life's work doesn't even come close to stopping there...

As an incredible athlete, painter, sculptor, fine art collector, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, his enthusiasm and dedication to art, music, community action and cultural exchange have been endeavors just as successful, compelling and unique as his talents and accomplishments on the field.

Don’t miss this exclusive invitation to see and hear it all from the man himself, telling it from the heart and in his own words, the inspiring personal account of “A Mano Limpia”, the legendary story of Omar Vizquel!